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Where will the money go?

Using tested values of Exactrix® allows Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel Energy to apply tested numbers, improving net producer returns per acre of $150. This time-proven advantage is calculated with the 10-year historical average corn price and an average 8% yield increase (4-25% based on crop). Rotations may be changed and double cropping applied.

The first 10 Green Play Ammonia plants cost about double of the next 500 plants. Why?

The investment in one plant includes NH3 storage and Exactrix® TAPPKTS application machinery at $25,400,000, about $700 per acre on 36,000 acres. Proton Ventures reports the first 10 plants will cost nearly double at $13.5 million. The windmill adds $4 million, along with $4 million for storage and handling and $4 million for application. By 2024 we expect costs to be reduced as the volume moves to 100 and on up to 500 units per year.

The Green Play Ammonia™ anchor plants will have a setup cost of $25 million and require an additional $5 million to cover marketing development costs, legal maneuvers and consumer incentives to ensure ethanol, cattle feed, and corn oil are produced totally green or at lowest GHG available.

The first 10 anchor Green Play Ammonia™ plants need $300 million to start the ball rolling. No orphan designs are planned.

The need is for 10 identical Green Play Ammonia™ plants to provide consistency and support from a central location. Building as many as 10,000 plants in North America locally would be a smart financial move. The last "100 tons per day" small-scale fossil fuel plant built by Fortigen at York, Nebraska had plant costs alone of $75 million. The plant was put together with a used single train compressor and supporting components.

A key point of Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel Energy is the storage of manufactured ammonia in much lower risk, lower cost and insurable pressure vessels at 10,000 total locations across the US. The requirement will be 30,000 and 60,000 gallon storage vessels of the highest quality.

Every ammonia plant will be anchored on the goal of getting hydrogen or syngas costs as low as possible. Proton Ventures states that in their plant design using Haber Bosch electrolysis each 1 cent per KW is equivalent to $100 per ton of ammonia. It is thus critical to drive down wind power costs to the lowest possible levels of 1.2 cents to 1.7 cents per KW. No power will be used from the grid. The plan includes excess NH3 to be supplied to the grid using Cummins, or MAN gas engines set up with crackers to deliver electrical power with pure hydrogen fuel with near zero carbon emissions.   

A improved design to deliver DC energy to the truck chargers include turbine powered generators as a total energy package at 80% to 90% efficiency. This is anticipated to beat the cracker design due to the energy efficiency. .  

When the first round of financing closes, a second 20-unit round of Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel Energy plants are planned for Manning, Alberta; Peace River, Alberta; Red Deer, Alberta; Shelby, Montana; Williston, ND; and Hettinger, ND. An expansion of two additional plants will be made on the existing plant marketing areas. Plants in Kansas and Oklahoma will eventually be added. The plants in Texas (at least 40 are needed) will be located at the Texas/Oklahoma border, allowing producers in Kansas to access low-cost ammonia. South Dakota and Nebraska will be expansionary areas. The third round of plants will cascade from the load-sharing features of multiple plants.

The initial locations of the 10 Green Play Ammonia optimum scale plants include:


• Colorado

• Texas

• Idaho

• Oregon

• Washington State

Four plants will be in Nebraska to study plant load sharing techniques and no-till adaption to Exactrix P-51 Mustang technologies.

Windmill costs for the 10 plants will add $4 million per plant.

The need is for 10 identical Green Play Ammonia™ plants to provide consistency and support from a central location.

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