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02/05/2024  Last Update

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You may be interested in how we can produce and store ammonia, carbon free, off the grid, and inexpensively deliver DC energy to electric vehicles, heat for process plants, and agriculture.  

At Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel Energy we build ammonia at low cost and well under the cost of fossil fuel ammonia.   

  • We can store millions of gallons of ammonia energy locally (30 mile radius) in time proven steel batteries. 
  • When an Electric Vehicle truck needs Green DC Energy, we can deliver 24/7 at rapid rates of ampere flow at market price.
  • No grid connection. Upon demand our Ammonia Batteries make highly efficient delivery of DC energy.
  • We provide a direct current charge by fueling ammonia through our ammonia burning turbine generators at 3.5 cents per KW.  Local market price is used.
  • Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel Energy facilities may be located where you need them. The safest means to deliver energy to electric vehicles.
  • Green Play Ammonia™ is not complex. The optimized scale Haber Bosch technology is time proven and better and better with the help of our top of the line European partners. 
  • We have time proven technology. Exactrix® producers have signed up. They are ready to take Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder NF Energy production across North America.

This is a triple play for our economy and our planet’s well-being.  

Remember our revenues are split 50/50 in two markets, Agriculture and Transportation.

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1. Zero Carbon is emitted with renewable energy, 24/7 locally.

 Harvesting CO2 economically, controlling N2O emissions, and reducing CH4 up to six times with our broad based, No-tillage management systems using TAPPKTS-Zn micros.

3. National Security is improved.
Promoting electric solid-state battery powered trucks with low cost green and clean fueling locally. Going without a grid is important.

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    Guy J Swanson.  
Developer, Executive Engineer.
Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel Energy.
Spokane, Washington. 99212

509 995 1879 cell, Pacific.


1-So, how will this work?

2-What will be required?

3-What benefits will farmers see?

4-The Details behind the Plan What
   will change?

5-Who will be involved?

6-How will fertilizer shift?

7-The conversion to Green Play

8-The need for serious capital

9-Where will the money go?

10-How will the investment pay off
    for those vested in Energy?

11-Three powerhouse options for
     timely delivery of NH3

12-Solving the fossil fuel problem in
     North American agriculture

13-Think big. Think clean.
     Think bold.

14-Move over, fossil fuels.

15-Who knew? Now you do.
     Random facts at your fingertips

16-More facts on fossil fuel

17-What happened to regulation and

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