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The need for serious capital to seed the green agricultural revolution reducing GHG with Exactrix® Technology.

Meeting the needs of the transportation industry
requires billions of dollars of capital.  

Scaling up to meet the North American need of 400 million acres requires tremendous capitalization to change how nitrogen fertilizer is built, stored and applied. Proper funding of $300 million from the Bezos $10 Billion Earth Fund gets the project up and running, helping production, farmers, and the environment at the same time. Cooling down the planet starts in 2022.

Small-scale, wind-powered ammonia plants supplying stored NH3 locally have great potential to improve land values up to $1,000 per acre in the Corn Belt. This is considered a major technology jump ahead and is like the initial introduction of Anhydrous Ammonia in the ’50s and ’60s.

For the agricultural producer, costs go down with ammonia built and stored locally. Yields go up with Exactrix® nutrient placement techniques in No-till Rotational Band Loading™.

For the investor in a technologically advanced company, this is a business opportunity like the period of the ’60s and the "Green Revolution." Billions of dollars of cash flow with a 10 X growth market of 1.8 Billion Tons of Ammonia being produced annually.  

The Transportation Industry provides daily demand at the market Green Price.

Green Ammonia will have it’s own futures trading market. As Green Ammonia made with a known quantity renewable energy source borrows will have a major advantage with will Wall Street. Wind Power borrows money at 3 percentage points lower than the Fossil Fuel Industry which builds all types of fossil fuel ammonia (Brown, Grey and Blue).

Money is expensive for Fossil Fuels because of the tremendous expense of guessing, then finding and then mining the gas. Finally shipping to a mega plant.

It is critical to note that centralized ammonia manufacture is considered risky when competing with inland areas. Larger wind powered plants operate well along coastal areas.

Inland areas are best served with optimized and small local plants about every 30 miles. Green Play Ammonia™ plants can overcome the transportation problems of moving Ammonia timely. Making ammonia always available is critical to the national  security.  

The market is best served with small scale plants that have less risk.  

An investment now in plant, storage and application equipment is estimated to be approximately 10 times more than the original investment in the ’50s to ’60s.

With the first 10 plants, an initial $700 per acre investment is required to produce another $150 per acre of annual and additional net income for the producer. This drops to about $400 per acre in the second set of plants.

The projected earnings will begin to supercharge each new plant construction about 2030 to 2032 when over 500 plants are producing renewable and green ammonia.

Yielder® NFuel Energy drives the company with daily cash flows by 2030. While Green Play Ammonia™ is typically a seasonal cash flow that provides the operational base of the company.  

The transportation industry demand for green electrical charging will allow the company to become self funding with an 8 billion dollar investment producing a 1.1 billion dollar annual cash flow by 2032.

Another 10X growth rate to 2050 with 15,000 wind turbines making 50,000 Megawatts daily providing $150 million of daily income and 55 billion dollars of income in current dollars.


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