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Solving the fossil fuel problem in North American agriculture.

Scientists and Exactrix® engineers have discovered that commercial fertilizer inputs are not efficiently applied or formulated to raise corn, wheat or cotton. Up to 400 million acres of farmland needs new management . . . and a complete restart of fertilizer emissions and immediate solution for highest quality ethanol at lowest GHG.

The Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel Energy goal is to break away from the Oligarch dominance of the primary N sources. The secondary N source will become more expensive in relation to Green Play Ammonia™. This means a supply of ammonia is local and at a price that involves no fear marketing from the fertilizer dealer. The fertilizer dealer is still in business and supplies other products like phosphate or potassium.

The technology exists to build the Green Play Ammonia™ plants, the Yielder® NFuel Energy storage system, and the Exactrix® equipment to control GHG. The technology exists to run the 3-10 nested plants remotely and supply NH3 interconnected between the nested plants as required. A highly reliable system can be promoted to consumers of Yielder® NFuel Energy.

It’s time to bring greenhouse gases to their lowest levels while raising more food and earning more profit.

A good second goal is for the green consumer to pay a little extra for the ethanol or the beef, pork or cotton so they know they have purchased a sustainable product with the lowest GHG. This marketing technique is well proven. The Green Play Ammonia™ will put the Oligarchs out of the agricultural ammonia business. The steam reformation with natural gas will fade away since the US ammonia plants are old, and coal-fired plants in North Dakota and Kansas will be the first to go.  

Fertilizer Dealers Recommend Exactrix® Applications

Read the following for Exactrix® solutions on increasing yield in an environmentally friendly way.
400 bushel per acre corn is coming.

300 bushel per acre corn can be achieved on sandy ground with TAPPKTS and help from TKI.

Will the earth friendly billionaires like Exactrix®?

Entering the Greatest Era of Environmental Regulation and becoming more efficient at the same time. Manufacturing NH3 locally.

The fade away of steam reformation, single-train ammonia plants is due to the Oligarch long-term contracts for natural gas. It requires negotiation and long-term planning, and a major problem requires the Oligarchs to figure out the NH3 transportation system from their old-fashioned ammonia mega plants to the Great Plains producer.

The biggest unsolved problem for the Mega Plants is the storage of NH3. They store NH3 in the cropland soils or build secondary and third process dry fertilizers that cannot be metered accurately. The problems become worse the more fertilizer manufacturers convert to other types of nitrogen, such as 32-0-0 and 28-0-0, which are unsafe environmental materials due to the nitrate in the mix. Guaranteed analysis is not possible . . . only estimates.

1-So, how will this work?

2-What will be required?

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4-The Details behind the Plan What will change?

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7-The conversion to
 Green Play Ammonia™

8-The need for serious capital

9-Where will the money go?

10-How will the investment
pay off for those vested in Energy?

11-Three powerhouse options for
 timely delivery of NH3

12-Solving the fossil fuel problem in North American agriculture

13-Think big. Think clean. Think bold.

14-Move over, fossil fuels.

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