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What happened to regulation and education?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Tennessee Valley Authority Act in 1933 as part of the New Deal. The goal was to make the Tennessee River easier to navigate, reforest lands, operate a dam, and improve farming techniques.

Until 1987, the TVA at Muscle Shoals, Alabama, oversaw regulation and education for fertilizers and the American crop producer. The focus then turned to electricity instead.

 Currently, the fertilizer industry is not regulated. Many of the trade practices would be considered illegal in the financial game of stocks and bonds. The customer does not come first. Fossil fuel ammonia does not meet GHG emissions standards.

Let’s call the environmental flop the Wild, Wild West of the Fertilizer Oligarchs. The grip on the industry remains tight, but there’s a new sheriff in town.

Watch for a showdown in Dodge City When Green Play Ammonia takes on the billionaires of fertilizer. Their days of waste and dirty air are over.


More good news about ammonia

The average price of ammonia over the last 20 years is $300 per ton. This cost is equivalent to $1.75 per gallon on gas.

Ammonia can be produced from zero carbon energy (hydro, nuclear, wind) and with significant CCS at the lowest cost of capture for any hydrocarbon process.

Ammonia diesel engines are proven and essentially equivalent in cost, either with diesel blending, pre-cracking or advanced engines.  

Ammonia turbines are fuel efficient and flexible.

Ammonia fuel cells are highly desirable for remote power for cell towers.   

1-So, how will this work?

2-What will be required?

3-What benefits will farmers see?

4-The Details behind the Plan What will change?

5-Who will be involved?

6-How will fertilizer shift?

7-The conversion to
 Green Play Ammonia™

8-The need for serious capital

9-Where will the money go?

10-How will the investment
pay off for those vested in Energy?

11-Three powerhouse options for
 timely delivery of NH3

12-Solving the fossil fuel problem in North American agriculture

13-Think big. Think clean. Think bold.

14-Move over, fossil fuels.

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16-More facts on fossil fuel

17-What happened to regulation and education?

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