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From its beginnings, farming has always been about how to best grow and harvest the food our communities need. Consumers rely on us.

As a result, those in farming operations continually watch for ways to maximize yield and profitability while decreasing time, energy and costs. Exactrix® Global Systems was founded to meet those needs, and today the company is a leader in helping farmers substantially boost yield through beneficial compounds like Anhydrous Ammonia.

Unfortunately, the more the land is worked with today’s machinery and fossil fuels, the more greenhouse gas (GHG) is emitted. According to the Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector chart below, agricultural production contributes 11.6% of greenhouse emissions. The emission from agricultural nitrous oxide, N20, is 62.5% of the total N20 emission.

Why does this matter? While some use of nitrous oxide is safe, it is 300 times more potent than CO2and can cause health issues such as fainting or heart attacks. GHG also traps heat and can contribute to climate change and respiratory disease. We can do better, and help protect the future of farming.

An overheated planet cannot raise good crops. Earth must have Green Play Ammonia™.

While Exactrix® already meets or exceeds University of Nebraska standards for reducing N2O, the company plans to do more to help both farmers and the environment we all share.

Exactrix® has the established technology and know-how; now it has a new vision that will take farming to a whole new level. Think big, green and transformative. Think revolutionary. Farmers can reap welcome gains in production and profitability, and continue to be good stewards, both of people and our earth.

First, a little about Exactrix®.

Who is Exactrix® Global Systems, and why do its products and vision matter?

Exactrix®, and Yielder® before it, helped pioneer some of today’s best agricultural solutions. The Exactrix® roots can be found in the no-tillage application of commercial fertilizer nutrients beginning in the early ’70s. The founder, Guy Swanson, combined an engineer’s viewpoint and inventor ingenuity to design machines that maximize what farmers can produce.

Today, Exactrix® builds no-tillage, deep-band NPKS+Zn,Mn application systems that provide the highest levels of uniformity and chemical availability based on triple super-ammonization techniques and streaming 1% CV flows. The techniques increase yield dramatically, and the systems have evolved under the intense scrutiny of producers.

Thanks to the technology, millions of tons of topsoil have been saved. The Exactrix® Mustang Openers,

P-51C and CUE have sequestered millions of tons of CO2 using No-tillage Rotational Band Loading. Nitrous oxide has been reduced to its lowest levels by using carbon sequestration due to No-tillage.

To further help conservation, Exactrix® reduces fuel consumption. Imagine the benefit of six times as little fuel needed to raise a crop. Imagine a 1% reduction of CO2 worldwide as wind power and electrolysis manufacture NH3 without fossil fuels. In the US, 2% of natural gas is used to make NH3. A better future awaits.

So, how will this work?

Anhydrous Ammonia is a key component to successful farming, and NH3 production is the third largest industrial process worldwide.

Exactrix will use its technology and wind-powered Anhydrous Ammonia to reduce GHG emissions to the lowest level possible, thanks to its Green Play Ammonia™ and Yielder® NFuel Energy. The company will adapt existing and advanced technologies of fertilizer manufacture, storage and handling.

Exactrix has improved the efficiency of Anhydrous Ammonia with high-pressure 300 psi injection of NH3 as a liquid state in a liquid streaming flow. This is an environmental Triple Play resulting in the least amount of fertilizer used for each corn bushel produced.

The company will continue to focus on high-pressure fertilizer application with timing in deep and very narrow no-tillage bands, the highest quality fertilizer chemistry in liquid streaming flows, gravity-defying flows to 300 psi pressure, and uniformity of application at 1% CV.

Most significant will be the root pattern geometry or Binary Banding. The reduction of nutrient requirements using No-tillage Rotational Band Loading will allow both present and future crops to access biologically stable and available bands of nutrient.

The most efficient primary nutrients are NH3, Ammonium Poly Phosphate, Ammonium Thio-sulfate or Thiosul®, and the significant KTS® or Potassium Thio-sulfate. These are so efficient in liquid streaming flows when ammoniated that over 12-15% more net income per acre is moved to the bottom line by raising yield and reducing the NPKS use by 50% or less.

Depending on acres applied, a $350,000 investment in a 40-foot Exactrix® Mustang Tool Bar is often paid back in the first irrigated corn crop produced.

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