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The Details behind the Plan

Green Play Ammonia™. Yielder NFuel Energy® are two different markets reducing risk and improving cash flow.

The Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel Energy plan is big, like ground-breaking proposals before it. Using existing Exactrix® technology and wind-powered Anhydrous Ammonia, the plan will change the agricultural landscape like no other—and help farmers, consumers and the environment. Almost every industry will be changed for the better.

What will change?

A reversal of GHG—also resulting in more wide spread fertilizer access and profitability—requires a big change in the fertilizer industry.. Past systems of manufacture, tillage systems, surface application of nutrients, poor regulation and selective education will eventually be made obsolete by the new Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel Energy approach. Changes will occur in NH3 transportation, storage and application systems.

The country will experience an N type acreage change, including a complete reversal from secondary Urea and a third product, Uran. UAN nitrogen is anticipated with Green Play Ammonia, Yielder® NFuel Energy. The Third World products cannot reduce GHG and contribute to it, especially N2O. This was especially noted by Yara in December 2018 as Urea, Uran, and UAN products being contributors to N2O.

In the USA, ammonia is now applied directly to 27% of all acres. We anticipate that only Green Play Ammonia™ can control GHG. Other nitrogen products like UAN, Uran and Urea will give back their market share that increased substantially during the Oligarch era of NH3. Green Play Ammonia™ could reach 80% of the acres as the total N applied as NH3.

Why is NH3, directly applied, not used in Europe, Africa, or Asia? Simply stated, there were better investment strategies for producers in the USA following World War 2.

Also, the gigantic land mass of North America and the cheap energy source, fossil fuel, natural gas and coal was easily mined. The country had an availability of Land Bank credit to buy land and pay for it much faster with the technology of Anhydrous Ammonia.

Approximately 50% of the land value today is related to the application of Anhydrous Ammonia directly to the land. The land value is even greater if it is uniformly applied as TAPPKTS plus Zn.

A large fertilizer industry eventually evolved as North American farmers drove up land values using NH3 directly applied. Land values doubled and tripled in the 60’s when NH3 was offered at $60 per ton.  The fertilizer industry made sure there was budget money to pay for the fertilizer with a bank operating line.

The oversupply of natural gas in Canada brought on the development of Urea for export to the Third World in 1980. Urea was then adapted to lower value land in North America. The Urea and Uran program soon backfired in North America on large acreage farms. Urea is not primary nitrogen and may not convert from Urea to NH4 in time for the plant to use it.

Green Play Ammonia is renewable ammonia. It is built locally. It is always available. Storage tanks are required as with any fuel and or fertilizer system.

Yielder® NFuel Energy will forever change transportation and allow solid state batteries to compete for long distance trucking.

Manufacture and Storage of renewable Green Play Ammonia™ is important on a local basis.

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4-The Details behind the Plan What will change?

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