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How will the investment pay off
for those vested in Green Energy?


Across North America, land values will improve with more net dollars
 at 12% better margins and green credits. Slowing down the Oligarchs pricing helps.

Building and supplying ammonia locally allows local investment in technology.

Supplying ammonia at a local price, Not a Mega Plant price.  

NH3 application technologies that are time proven with private money development.

An anticipated double in land values over 10 years is forming up by 2032.

  Exactrix® NH3, TAPPKTS deep banding technology reduces fertilizer use and raises more crop consistently with deep banding meeting GHG emission standards.

German MAN and USA Cummins leads with
 public announcements favorable for ammonia fueling.

Green Ammonia, By 2050, 800 million metric tonnes will be annually provided at sea level using wind power. Displacing diesel and LNG power.

Anhydrous Ammonia as Green Power is easily adapted to maritime shipping.

Batteries of Green Anhydrous Ammonia will be fired in turbine DC Generators from Toyota Energy Solutions and Capstone Turbine Corporation.

This is the most competitive for fueling Electric Vehicle Trucks like Tesla an Volvo. The green ampere flow as direct current to solid state batteries is reliable and rapid at Yielder® NFuel Energy. That is 621 miles to fill up the 80,000 lb. truck.

Minor discussions with Caterpillar indicates their strict dedication to the Oil and Gas Industry. Most of the Caterpillar engines will be retrofitted by Hydrofuel® Inc.

Hydrofuel® Inc. of Mississauga, Ontario also has technology to convert
 existing diesel engines to Ammonia fueling.

be converted to Hydrofuel®™ ammonia fuel with Ammonia Solutions©

Green Play Ammonia™ properly adapted to 400 million North American acres can supply $30-$60 billion of additional annual net income to North American producers. This income can increase land values up to $1 trillion every 2 years.

At 10-year averages, the cost of irrigated corn production is reduced $80 per acre with a typical yield increase of 8-10%, producing an average of $150 per acre more net income in irrigated corn production.

Green Play Ammonia® requires 8-12% of the producer’s gross corn budget for TAPPKTS+Zinc fertilizer banded deep in the soil at 3-5 times aerobic planting depth using the advanced technologies of Exactrix® Global Systems. The anaerobic depth is at least 4-9" in depth, which depletes the potential nitrification. The variation of 8-12% fertilizer cost is due to soil pH and longer-term Rotational Band Loading with No-tillage.

Currently corn producers are spending 18% of the cost of corn production and $144 per acre of the total $800 per acre to raise irrigated, high-yielding corn of the Corn Belt. Long-term Exactrix® equipment owners currently spend 8% of their gross revenue with the pickup on yield potential at 8-12%. Less is truly more. A typical promotion is 12% more net income over any next best approach. Some applications of nutrients in tillage are 2.5 times greater on cost than Exactrix® TAPPS, TAPPKTS+Zn banding with deep banding of all nutrients in No-tillage Rotational Band Loading.

Yielder® NFuel Energy has the potential to utilize up to two thirds of the Green Play Ammonia built. This NH3 is dedicated for heating, fuel cells and NFuel Energy to power the economy. The NH3 can be used for dual fuel diesel engines, coal-fired power plants using SCR, corn dryers, and any place hydrogen, propane, diesel and gasoline are being used.


The payback or return on 36,000 TAPPKTS with zinc fertilized acres is $150 per additional net income in irrigated corn production of central Nebraska or $5,400,000 annual net income to the producer in each 36,000 acre zone at the 8-year average price of corn since 2011.

Excess NH3 will be supplied for Green Play Power through small 300 KW turbine gen sets at a bid price of 4.5 cents to 5.5 cents per KW. About half of the capacity of each plant will be used initially for power generation.

Excess NH3 will be supplied for Green Play Power through Caterpillar 3520 Gen Sets at a bid price of 4.5 cents to 5.5 cents per KW. About half of the capacity of each plant will be used initially for power generation.

In the second tier of plants, the payback is accelerated. The total payback period at these low interest rates is estimated at 3-6 years depending on the price charged, the rotation, the weather, and the markets.

The total payback period is not affected by the price of carbon-rich ammonia. The price of carbon-rich ammonia can be anywhere it wants to be because it is not competitive to the specific goal of lowest GHG and being built and stored locally.

National security is magnified with 5,000 small-scale plants of Green Play Ammonia™, Yielder® NFuel Energy.


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10-How will the investment
pay off for those vested in Energy?

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