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Who will be involved?



Exactrix Global Systems will provide the deep-banding NH3 application machinery, the delivery and the storage systems for NH3, and formulations of TAPPKTS plus Zinc.

Proton Ventures will build and deliver Haber Bosch process equipment that builds NH3 from wind power and PV sources of hydrogen using electrolysis.

Scientific help comes from Kansas State University, University of Nebraska, Washington State University, and the University of Idaho. On the Northern Tier, North Dakota State University and the USDA-ARS have also assisted broadly by buying our machinery and carrying out tests.


Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. has been contributing to the stabilization of nitrogen.

Green Play Ammonia™ and Exactrix® reaches out to solve the GHG problem.

A fresh start to move away from the Oligarchs of Fertilizer.

Farming with the wind for generations to come.

Building the strongest agriculture

economy in the world.

Sharing a better environment for our society.

Yielder® NFuel assuring farm to market transportation is green.

Yielder® NFuel assuring ethanol as a transition fuel can be built as low  possible carbon to zero carbon.  


1-So, how will this work?

2-What will be required?

3-What benefits will farmers see?

4-The Details behind the Plan What will change?

5-Who will be involved?

6-How will fertilizer shift?

7-The conversion to
 Green Play Ammonia™

8-The need for serious capital

9-Where will the money go?

10-How will the investment
pay off for those vested in Energy?

11-Three powerhouse options for
 timely delivery of NH3

12-Solving the fossil fuel problem in North American agriculture

13-Think big. Think clean. Think bold.

14-Move over, fossil fuels.

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16-More facts on fossil fuel

17-What happened to regulation and education?

18. Video Training, The New Era Green Play Ammonia®, Yielder® NFuel Energy.

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