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Capstone, Baker Hughes extend partnership

By Jack Burke27 October 2021

Firms also working on hydrogen technology

Capstone Green Energy has extended its strategic channel partnership agreement with leading energy technology company Baker Hughes.

On Earth Day 2021, Capstone announced that it was leveraging its energy conversion and storage products with the addition of the Baker Hughes 5 MW, 12 MW, and 16 MW industrial gas turbines. Capstone selected Baker Hughes as a qualified network partner because of their similar focus on low emissions, long service intervals, low lifecycle costs, and vigorous hydrogen development program.

The company’s large-scale gas turbine technology allows Capstone Green Energy to serve customers with energy needs that exceed the capacity of their own low emission microturbine based energy solutions. As part of the new agreement, Capstone Green Energy will offer Baker Hughes technology to additional territories in the U.S. and Canada, as well as on a case-by-case basis outside North America.

“Naturally, Capstone is excited to offer our customers custom-tailored energy solutions based on their specific needs, beyond the capacity our own technology provides,” said Darren Jamison, president and CEO of Capstone Green Energy. “But we are especially pleased to do so with a partner whose technology provides the kind of reliability and cost savings we promise and one whose focus aligns with our own green energy mission.”

The two companies said they maintain common goals of helping companies achieve greater energy independence through increased reliability, cost savings, and environmental improvements. The ability for Capstone Green Energy to include Baker Hughes turbines in its technology mix allows the company to provide commercial and industrial customers with systems capable of providing up to 60 MW of power while still providing high reliability, long service intervals, and very low emissions.

Capstone Green Energy and Baker Hughes also have a shared goal of producing a commercially viable turbine system capable of 100% hydrogen. Baker Hughes has commercially available gas turbines capable of various levels of blended fuel gas from 10% up to 100% hydrogen. Capstone is also currently lab testing a 30% hydrogen - 70% natural gas configuration with a goal of commercial release by March 31, 2022.

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