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Southern Brazil continues to endure toughest soybean growing conditions.

Dryness is expected to persist through Christmas.

The weather forecast for South America is starting to sound like a broken record. Much of the same is expected across Brazil and Argentina as seen the past several weeks: drier across southern Brazil and growing regions of Argentina, but wetter across Central and Southeast Brazil.



The weather pattern continues much the same as the past few weeks across South America heading through mid-December 2021. Beneficial rainfall for crops will fall in Central and Southeast Brazil, while southern Brazil and growing regions of Argentina see spotty, if any, rain showers.

Major soybean producing states, like Mato Grosso, are going into mid-December with plentiful soil moisture. In fact, the week-ending December 18 is forecast to be the second wettest mid-week of December in 30-plus years according to data from WeatheTrends360. The favorable weather bodes well for soybean yield potential in Mato Grosso, where harvest activities are expected to begin around Christmas. 

However, when we look farther south into Río Grande do Sul, weather conditions have not been as favorable. Warmer and drier weather have resulted in poor soil moisture. The poor weather conditions continue in the middle week of December, which is forecast to be the eighth warmest and seventh driest in more than 30 years, according to WeatherTrends360. Drier conditions will extend down into the growing regions of Argentina; this is forecast to be the eighth driest mid-December in the same period for the province of Santa Fe.

The forecast is beginning to sound a bit like a broken record, and for the week-ending Christmas Day (December 25), more dryness is expected across southern Brazil and northern Argentina. There is a chance that the area of dryness will be a bit more widespread than the previous week. Hotter-than-normal weather in southern Brazil and northern Argentina will exacerbate poor soil conditions there leading to higher evapotranspiration and drier soils.

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