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1. GHG Article 2. Mitsubishi Power developing ammonia-fueled turbine 3. What is a Battolyser?
4. Killing Tigers, Shermans vs. the Tigers

5. More Than One-Third of Corn Belt Farmland Has Completely Lost Its Carbon-Rich Topsoil

6. Reviewing Solid State Battery Developments
7. The Device That Saves CO2 Emissions. 8. The Solid-State Race: Legacy Automakers Reach for Battery Breakthrough 9. Australia Is Jumping On The Green Hydrogen Bandwagon
10. Investors With $54 Trillion Say Net Zero Requires Drastic Action 11. Compare electricity rates by state 12.αΩ …A 25% jump in Electrolysis efficiency
13. Off Shore Wind, 15MW, Vestas to the limit. 43,000 square meters swept. Feb. 2021 14. Ammonia Pricing. $180 per ton to $705 per ton in 6 months. April, 7, 2021 15. Hydrogen Peroxide, Blueberries
16. MAN Consort Developing Ammonia Fired, Medium Speed Engines. April 7, 2021 17. Capstone, 600 KW, Micro Turbine to Russia. April. 7, 2021 18. Ammonia Powered Engines, Electric Set, Trucks, HydroFuel, Ontario Tech University, announce Alliance for Ammonia powered engines, March 30, 2021
19. Consumption of Natural Gas declines 3 years in a row and continues into 2023. April 7, 2021. 20. Removing Hydrogen from Ammonia with a Catalyst....KIST. April 7, 2021 21. Renewables now reach 1 cent per KW. Saudia Arabia is driving Energy costs low.

22. Tidewater chooses Topsoe’s HydroFlex™ and H2bridge™ technologies for renewable diesel production

23. Green’ hydrogen price dropping faster than expected: BloombergNEF 24. Electroylysers, $1.00 per Kilogram of H2.
April 19, 2021
25.Bloomberg Reports, Secretary of Agriculture Statements on Agriculture's Role in GHG Emission, April 20, 2021 26.MAN gets help developing ammonia, April 22, 2021 27. Tracking Down Methane Leaks and other types of GHG. Bloomberg reports.
28. Farmers struggle to break into booming carbon-credit market 29. Carbon Credit hits $60 per metric ton headed to $100. May 4, 2021 30. How to Meet Biden's Climate Targets. May 4, 2021
31.Haldor Topsoe Meets With The State Department Monday, May. 16, 2021. 32. EV Charging faces the Challenge of the Grid. May 21, 2021. 33. The Worlds Largest Oil Region Becomes a Hydrogen Hub. May 22, 2021
34. Oil Wells Orphaned in North Dakota Require Federal and State Help. May 23, 2021 35. Driving the all-electric big-rig future 36. Green Washing By Shell, Chevron, Exxon no longer tolerated by the courts. June 1, 2021
37.  China's Food Security June 1, 2021 38. Sweden Can Manage CO2 better with Harvest Management, June 1, 2021. 39. Heat Related Deaths, Climate Change, 37% of the all deaths could be prevented, June 1, 2021.
40. Carbon Compensation to $100 Billion. June 2, 2021 41. Average Carbon Dioxide Levels Increasing Faster Than Ever, June 7, 07.2021 42. Proton Ventures News and Updates
43.The Retreat of the Major Oil Companies. June 7, 2021 44.Transhydrogen Alliance announces collaboration to bring Green Ammonia to the European Market 45.The Retreat of Exxon and the Oil Majors Won’t Stop Fossil Fuel
46.The world's forgotten greenhouse gas 47.Combining 117 Turbines Into an Array of Power 48.Shell Mulls Sale of U.S.’s Largest Oil Field During Climate Push
48.Don’t Fall for the Hydrogen Hype 49.How much of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food? 50.GE, IHI, Developing Ammonia Turbine Roadmap June 22, 2021
51.Oil Companies Know Hydrogen Is A Dead End, But It’s A Handy Way To Hold Back Electrification 52. For all the lives lost and economic damage done by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s also managed to hurt efforts to combat climate change. 52.Tesla Inc.’s pledge to open its massive charging network to other car brands later this year, while largely expected, nevertheless marks a major inflection point in the electric vehicle economy and, should it come to pass, will surely goose the pedal on EV adoption.
53.Uncertainty prevalent in soil carbon markets 54.How to Sell ‘Carbon Neutral’ Fossil Fuel That Doesn’t Exist 55.Japan forms join venture to hydrogen fuel engines.

56. Daimler OKs truck spin-off, e-manufacturing sites

57.The Forgotten Greenhouse Gas. 58. It’s time to freak out about methane emissions
59.Solving GHG and Primarily Nitrous Oxide Emissions. The Fertilizer Industry is the problem. 60.Firms line up 'green' ammonia for fertilizer and future fuel 61.Sustainable investment assets grew to $35.3 trillion
62.Can Phoenix rise from the drought? 63.Tesla says Tesla Semi electric truck’s weight is on point 64.Three energy storage technologies can help the move toward 100% renewable electricity
65.Ammonia—a renewable fuel made from sun, air, and water—could power the globe without carbon 66.World's largest offshore floating wind farm is now complete - Electrek "World's largest offshore floating wind farm is now complete - Electrek" 67.Cat moves into hydrogen
68.The Hydrogen Stream: New solar-powered hydrogen tech from Japan – pv magazine International "The Hydrogen Stream: New solar-powered hydrogen tech from Japan – pv magazine International" 69.Swedish company produces the first slab of steel that didn't require any coal


70.World's largest carbon capture plant will soon operate in Iceland
71. 20 meat and dairy firms emit more greenhouse gas than Germany, Britain or France 72.The Global Pipeline For Green Hydrogen Projects Is Growing 73. RENEWABLE DIESEL BOOM IS WILD CARD FOR U.S. SOYBEANS
74. Gates Raises $1 Billion as Corporate CEOs Join Race to Scale Clean Tech 75.The world's longest subsea cable will send clean energy from Morocco to the UK 76.Investors With $29 Trillion Demand Science-Based Climate Targets
77.Underwriters favoring environmental securities. 78.Iron Battery Breakthrough Could Eat Lithium’s Lunch 79.Spanish Ramp of Green Ammonia and Hydrogen, 800 mega watt capability. Puertollano plant for green hydrogen October 1, 2021
80.Mitsubishi Power Developing 100% Ammonia-Capable Gas Turbine 81.Japan Ramps up Ammonia Power Generation 82.The Hydrogen Stream: A new engine from China and IEA predictions for this decade – pv magazine International
83.The Hydrogen Stream: New magnesium-based composite for hydrogen storage and a big push from South Korea – pv magazine International 84.First-ess-iron-flow-battery-to-go-online-this-month. 85.Giant China Project Leads the Rise of Renewable Mega-Hubs
86.Form Energy’s New Low-Cost, Iron-Air Battery Runs for 100 Hours 87.Index Suggests That Half of Nitrogen Applied to Crops Is Lost 88.Japanese firms working on ammonia-fueled engines
89.Capstone, Baker Hughes extend partnership 90. Big Oil has a capital problem 91.Casale and H2U to collaborate on developing green ammonia projects
92.Airlines jockey for limited sustainable fuel 93.COP26 Daily: The endgame begins 94. Engineering With Rosie. About 14 minutes of good information. Green Certificates, Fungible, Stake and Authority.
95.Making Air Travel More Sustainable with Soy-Fuel Innovations 96.Zacks Industry Outlook Highlights: Nutrien, CF Industries, The Mosaic Company and Intrepid Potash 97.Nuclear Power Won’t Save the World.
It Won’t Even Help.
98.Can Small Nuclear Reactors Really Help The Climate? QuickTake 99.The Oil And Gas Industry Is Facing A $3.3 Trillion Stranded Asset Nightmare 100. Fertilizer Runoff, More and More series as the Climate warms.
101.Enel has a Big Green succession plan in Australia 102.Oil, Gas Investments Must Rise to $523 Billion a Year, Says IEF 103.Where does wind power make sense?
104.Southern Brazil continues to endure toughest soybean growing conditions 105.Why Slowing Methane Leaks Is Critical to Climate Fights 106. A Global Breakdown of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector
107.Electric Batteries - The problem. 108. EU Likely to Put Gas, Nuclear in Green Lists, Commissioner Says 109. Mosaic: Global Issues Push Prices
110. The market for investment products sold as being ESG-related had another record year by most yardsticks. 111. Biden Climate Agenda Now Hinges on Rules Exposed to Rewrite 112. Namibia Announces $9.4 billion Green Hydrogen Project
113. State Grid of China switches on world’s largest pumped-hydro station 114. Fossil Gas No Longer Needed As Bridge To Clean Energy Future 115. Green hydrogen to reshape global trade and disrupt bilateral energy relations, Irena says
    Manchin’s Weekly Energy Report
117. 118.





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