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Dec. 07_2021 Your own fertilizer factory, Locally Built Green Play Ammonia. Wind and Solar Energy, Exponential Growth, Milestone Moments
Dec. 05_2021 Farm Land Values Move up, Green Play Ammonia and Exactrix Plots the solution.Who will be involved?
Dec. 04_2021 Inexpensive Ammonia, $100 to $300 per ton, Green Ammonia, Zero Carbon. The future is bright.
Nov.  09_2021 Contract NH3 at $100 to $300 per Ton, Long Term,
October 07_2021 Better Bets on Ammonia for Green Energy and Clean Energy.
October 01_2021 Ammonia Long Contracts, $100 to $300 per Ton, Zero Carbon and It's Local and Safer.
August 19_2021 Zero Carbon, Anhydrous Ammonia Pricing is $100 to $300 per ton, Windy or Photo Green Play Ammonia, Yielder NFuel
June 23_2021 Anhydrous Ammonia at $100 to $300 per ton, Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS plus Zinc is 166% to 200% more crop available.
May 20_2021 Attn. Green Play Ammonia subscribers.  Yielder NFuel Merchants.
April.05_2021 Green Play Ammonia is a different kind of ammonia.
April.25_2021 The Energy of Ammonia Returns As Clean and Different, A Low Cost NH3 powered by the local wind. It is Green Play Ammonia and Yielder NFuel.
May 13_2021 Ammonia Fossil Fuel Summits as Green NH3 Soars into the 20's

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